Involving Your Partner in Your Pregnancy

Posted by GPWHC on 15 June 2016
Everyone knows that the glowing mom-to-be is generally the one doing most of the work when it comes to a pregnancy, but it is really important to include your partner as much as possible.  Including your partner will not only strengthen your bond, but sharing in some of the responsibilities will help your partner feel invested and begins the early phases of bonding with the baby.

Beginning in the earliest weeks of pregnancy, let your partner handle some of the household tasks, because you will almost certainly be tired, and maybe even sick.  Taking on more cooking, cleaning, pet chores (especially cleaning the litter box!), and errands will take some of the pressure off you, because even when you’re sleeping, you’re working hard making a person!  Inviting your partner to all your doctor appointments, even the ones you won’t be having an ultrasound, will allow him to ask questions he may have.  

There are many other ways to include your partner, allowing him to feel like he is a participant in your pregnancy: 
  • Getting your partner’s input on choosing registry items
  • Helping to decorating the baby’s room   
  • Taking birthing, baby care, and parenting classes
  • Reading books about pregnancy and parenting together
  • Taking weekly pictures with you to watch your belly grow

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