Stress and your health

Posted by GPWHC on 10 October 2016
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Everyone encounters stress during their liv

es, but how you deal with it is important.  Stress can play a huge role in your overall health, so learning how to effectively manage stress will go a long way in a healthier and happier life.  Stress can be caused by major life events- moving, birth, death, marriage, divorce, etc.  It can also be caused by daily life- being too busy, health issues, not having supportive relationships, and so much more.  Symptoms of stress include (but are definitely not limited to) depression, excess eating, drinking or smoking, negative thinking, mood swings, anger or hostility, and feeling overwhelmed or helpless. While everyone handles stress differently, and stress is different for everyone, there are a few things you can do to help manage stress in your life. 

·         Exercise- Even a few minutes of exercise can be helpful, a short walk around the block when upset or angry can help clear your head.  Regular exercise helps release hormones called endorphins that improve mood and reduce stress.  In the wise and immortal words of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde “Exercise gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy.  Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.”

·         Eat well- We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, eating healthy is one of the easiest things you can do to help maintain and improve your health.  A varied diet rich in vegetables and lean meats will help your body get the proper nutrients to stay healthy. 

·         Hobbies- yoga, reading, bubble baths, movies, dates with friends, crafting, anything that makes your heart and soul sing helps relieve stress. 

Stress can put you at an increased risk for a number of health disorders, including emotional and eating disorders, skin disorders, headaches, and poor digestion and bowel disorders.  You can also be at greater risk of cancer, heart disease, immune disorders, high blood pressure and strokes, and more frequent colds and illnesses.  While that list includes a lot of very scary problems, stress is a relatively easy thing to manage as long as you stay aware of your body and take care of yourself! 

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