Pre-OB Appointment (6-8 weeks gestation)

After receiving a positive pregnancy test, this appointment will be scheduled with a nurse. At this appointment, the nurse will confirm the pregnancy with a urine pregnancy test and have you meet with the financial counselor. The financial counselor will go over a monthly payment plan based upon how many months are left in your pregnancy, your deductible, and out of pocket costs. If you do not have insurance, the financial counselor will develop a monthly payment plan based on how many months you have left in your pregnancy and inform you of public insurance and financing options available. After meeting with the financial counselor, you will meet with a nurse. The nurse will collect your family and genetic history and provide you with the education you need to promote a healthy pregnancy. After the appointment, the nurse will schedule your First OB appointment with the physician for a later date. We encourage you to take time to ask question regarding your care and our clinic.

First OB Appointment (8-10 weeks gestation)

This visit will be scheduled with the provider who will be managing your pregnancy. Your provider will review your medical history, discuss risk factors and address concerns that you may have regarding your pregnancy. A full physical exam will be conducted along with prenatal labs. Screening tests such as a pap smear or checking for infections may be done at this time.

OB Checks

Following your First OB appointment, your prenatal "OB check" visits will occur every 4 weeks until you reach 28 weeks gestation. From 28 to 36 weeks gestation you will be seen every 2 weeks. After 36 weeks you will be seen weekly until your delivery. This is just a general schedule, please keep in mind all pregnancies are different and adjustments to the schedule will be made as needed. These visits may include any or all of the following: weight and blood pressure monitoring, additional lab work, fetal heart tones & glucose screening. We will also be working with you throughout your pregnancy to determine what instruction and support you may need.

18-20 Week Ultrasound Anatomy Scan

At this visit the sonographer will measure your baby's head, abdomen and legs. Amniotic fluid will be measured and the placenta assessed. Your baby's internal body structure will also be checked. You will need to have a full bladder for this appointment. Depending on fetal position it may be possible to find out your baby's gender at this appointment. Please keep in mind that sex determination is, at best, an educated guess. Ultrasound results will be discussed with your provider.

The sonographer will do their best to obtain high-quality pictures for you to take home. The quality of these pictures are highly dependent upon the position of the baby at the time of the ultrasound. We will also provide you with a copy of these pictures on a DVD. Therefore, we ask that you or your guests do not take your own pictures or video, as we will provide you with pictures at this visit.

This is an ultrasound exam ordered by your healthcare provider to assess your baby’s growth, health and well-being. It is also a time for you and/or your partner to bond further with your baby. You will be required to uncover your belly. Please only invite friends and family you feel comfortable with as the exam must be performed on bare skin. Therefore, we ask that you limit the number of guests to two (2) people. This also limits distractions to your sonographer as they perform this detailed medical exam. 

The 18-20 week ultrasound usually takes 40-60 minutes in a darkened room. Please keep that in mind when considering whether to bring your children. Children under the age of five (5) must have adult supervision other than the patient.

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