Fees for normal obstetric care include prenatal care, vaginal or Caesarean section delivery, and six-week postnatal care following delivery. Extra charges will be assessed for lab results, ultrasound exams, fetal monitoring, high-risk pregnancy, amniocentesis, and other tests or procedures that may be required. You will also receive separate bills from the hospital, outpatient facility, lab or other service providers.

Surgical fees include surgery, physician hospital visits and the appropriate follow up visits (depending on the global period of the procedure). There will be additional lab charges for any required pre-operative testing. You will also receive separate bills from the hospital or outpatient facility and other service providers.

We understand that sometimes circumstances make it difficult to make payment on a timely basis. If necessary, we can arrange a payment plan for obstetrical or gynecological services. Please contact our insurance department at (701) 774-7604 if an unusual financial problem arises.

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