As a courtesy, we will initiate a claim to your insurance company, Medicare, or Medicaid on your behalf. Please keep in mind that insurance is a method for patients to be reimbursed for the fees they have paid for medical services. Your insurance coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company, not our office; therefore, you are responsible for full payment of your account when due, or at the time of service. If it is known that your insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid will not pay for the services rendered, you will be asked to pay at the time of the service.

We understand the processing of insurance claims can be confusing. Thus, we encourage our patients to be proactive when it comes to their health insurance benefits. You may obtain benefit information from your employer, your insurance company's web site, or by telephone at the customer service number identified on your insurance card. Perhaps you will find our insurance glossary below helpful as well in decoding your insurance coverage...

Covered Health Services

Those health services provided for the purpose of preventing, diagnosing, or treating sickness, injury, mental illness, substance abuse, or their symptoms. Some covered services have limitations or restrictions.

Non-Covered Services

Services provided that are not covered under your individual insurance plan, Medicare, or Medicaid. Do not assume that all of the medical services you receive are covered and paid by your insurance provider. You will be asked to pay at the time for Non-Covered Services.

If you have questions about insurance, our insurance coordinator will be happy to assist you. Simply call (701) 774-7604 to speak with a member of our insurance department.

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