About Us

At Great Plains Women’s Health Center, we are committed to serving your physical and emotional needs as a woman throughout your life from adolescence through adulthood.

We take the time necessary to gain an adolescent's trust and to provide the information she needs. No matter what her age, we are sensitive to her special concerns.

When a woman becomes sexually active, we help her address concerns about contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, and family planning. We provide counseling prior to conception to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. For the expectant mother, we are well equipped for both normal and high-risk obstetrics, coordinating high risk pregnancy care with regional subspecialists if required.

Our providers are skilled in the latest treatment of problems such as menstrual disorders, endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome and abnormal pap smears. Our physicians are leaders in advanced gynecological surgery and endoscopy, which are often performed on an outpatient basis. Throughout a woman's life, we offer the best in gynecological care. As a woman moves through menopause, Great Plains Women's Health Center remains committed to her emotional well-being, as well as her physical health. Our physicians take the time to answer her questions and assist the mature woman in continuing her healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Our Mission

Great Plains Women’s Health Center is a full service practice that addresses the OBGYN needs of women at every stage of life. We compassionately and confidentially address each patient’s medical needs as we determine the best possible solution for each situation.