Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

At Great Plains Women's Health Center, we respect your rights as a patient. We want you to know these rights as well as responsibilities to yourself, your physician, other patients and Great Plains Women's Health Center.

As a patient, you have the right:

  • To be treated with respect, including recognition of personal beliefs and values.
  • To receive care in a setting and environment committed to patient safety.
  • To have a chaperone present during an office examination.
  • To privacy and confidentiality.
  • To coordination and continuity of your health care.
  • To know the identity of physicians, nurses and others involved in your care.
  • To information presented in terms you can understand, including treatment and care options.
  • To be involved in decisions regarding your health care plan.
  • To reasonable access to health care.
  • To access health care records according to Great Plains Women’s Health Center Notice of Privacy Practices.
  • To be heard if problems, complaints or grievances arise.
  • To be informed of charges for services as well as payment options.

As a patient, you have a responsibility:

  • To provide complete medical information to your health care providers.
  • To ask questions so that you have a clear understanding.
  • To make informed decisions.
  • To report any changes in your health.
  • To understand your health problems and to follow agreed upon plans and instructions for your care.
  • To recognize the impact of your lifestyle choices on your personal health.
  • To keep scheduled appointments, or to reschedule in a timely manner.
  • To respect the rights, privacy and confidentiality of other patients and clinic personnel.
  • To accept financial obligations and understand your health insurance benefits.

Privacy Program

Great Plains Women’s Health Center will comply with all new requirements and Patient Rights as granted by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and in accordance with city, state, and federal laws and regulations.

HIPAA provides patients with specific rights related to their protected health information (PHI):

  • The right to inspect their PHI and to obtain a copy of it;
  • The right to request an amendment to their PHI;
  • The right to an Accounting of Disclosures made by Great Plains Women’s Health Center;
  • The right to request restrictions on the uses and disclosures of their PHI made by Great Plains Women’s Health Center;
  • The right to request that Great Plains Women’s Health Center communicate with them about their PHI at an alternative location (i.e., at work instead of at home) or via alternative means (i.e., mail only); and
  • The right to receive a paper copy of Great Plains Women’s Health Center's Notice of Privacy Practices even if the patient has requested the Notice electronically.

Each of these rights is described within the Great Plains Women’s Health Center's Notice of Privacy Practices, including a description of any limitations to a specific right. In addition, some of the rights require action on the part of the patient before Great Plains Women’s Health Center can respond.

If you have questions concerning any of your rights, please ask us for a copy of our Written “Notice of Privacy Practices” or to speak with our Privacy Officer who can explain how Great Plains Women’s Health Center processes work in accommodating your rights.

Request for Alternate Means of Communication (PDF)

Patient Request - Do Not Bill Insurance or Health Plan (PDF)

Request for an Accounting of Disclosures of Health Information (PDF)

Designation of Individuals Who are Involved in my Payment or Treatment Decisions (PDF)